Dashboard Reporting

Total positive and negative mentions that week, most popular time and day for your brand, number of mentions flagged for response that week and total mentions since tracking began.

Feature Rich Management Tools


Gives you the total number of mentions day-by-day for the past week with total positive and negative references.

Featuring a scrollable list of actual postings, source, date and time of publishing.

You can flag posts for response, remove when irrelevant and most importantly categorize as positive, neutral or negative. Every time you categorise a post by sentiment, Little Birdy will remember and learn the key words and phrases that are specific to your brand sentiment.

Understand what is being said about your brand in real time to make sure you’re happy with it and importantly to respond if you don’t like what the little birds are saying….


Shows the total mentions by hourly breakdown, top referring domains and source category breakdown


Enables you to see at a glance sentiment for the previous week with a sample list of mentions to detail what has been identified as positive and negative. You can easily see if you’ve been having a bad brand day.


Shows you who has been talking about you the most and details how influential they are by the number of tweets, followers and friends they have. This creates a fantastic opportunity to thank and promote brand advocates!

Right To Be Forgotten

People are searching for you and your brand right now, making judgements based on what they find. Make sure they’re seeing your best features.
Identify and remove outdated and potentially reputation harming links using Google’s ‘Right to be Forgotten’ feature.

Content Dashboard

Twitter Tag Cloud

Showing top hash tags associated with your brand on Twitter

Google Instant Tag Cloud

Current Google search trends associated with your brand

List of Twitter Hash Tags by Percent

Great for tracking social media campaign take-up

Google Suggests

Google suggested terms by rank


Tab to show all posts tagged for response to help keep on top of direct audience engagement and spot common topics for concern or success. Little Birdy interface allows for customizable email reports to deliver daily, weekly or monthly alerts to multiple email addresses.


Dashboard to help you see how Hit Search is managing posts on your behalf. Integrated with Teamwork PM, this dashboard enables our team to act as an extension to your team, to keep on top of your reputation management.

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