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Little Birdy Now Provides Users The Chance To Be Forgotten On Bing Search Results.

Following in the footsteps of Google, Microsoft’s own search engine Bing is now allowing Europeans the opportunity to have pages containing irrelevant and outdated content to be removed.

Little Birdy are pleased to be able to offer a custom removal request service to clients who wish to exercise their ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ on Bing.

In addition to a comprehensive brand tracking service, Little Birdy is a simple and effective way to have reputation damaging results removed from search engine giants such as Google and Bing.

Little Birdy takes the complication out of the whole ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ process and submits a request form on your behalf.

All it takes is a few simple steps and the damaging link could be removed:

Step 1. Send an email to the Little Birdy team at with the link you wish to be removed.

Step 2. We will then draft the ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ form and send it to you to fill out the relevant details.

Step 3. Send it back to us as we will then quality check this for you. This process is vital as any misspellings or incorrectly filled out forms can result in requests being refused by Bing or Google.

Step 4. For a one off admin fee we will submit the ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ form direct to Bing on your behalf.

By offering users a complete online reputation management and brand tracking tool, Little Birdy is the most effective way to protect your reputation and your professional progress.

For more information on how Little Birdy can help you exercise your ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ on search engines like Bing and Google contact us today by clicking here, or call 0845 259 4195 to speak to an expert.

Little Birdy – Protect your reputation, protect your professional progress.

Please note: Please note: Little Birdy will submit a request on your behalf, but cannot guarantee any links will be removed. Once your ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ form is submitted the process will then be between yourself and Bing.

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