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Social media is a vital part of brand survival. You need to monitor your brand on Twitter

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Did you know that nearly 67% of public brand mentions throughout social media take place on Twitter?

If you aren’t monitoring Twitter vigilantly you run the risk of damaging your online reputation.

Your customers will get in touch with you via the platform they choose, not the platform you want them to use and as such, brands need to be able to answer queries, respond to negative feedback or promote positive mentions on social media constantly if they stand a chance of retaining their clients.

Twitter allows you to engage with followers and non-followers alike and is starting to rival the ‘classic’ customer service channels in terms of engagement with customers.

Twitter isn’t going away – embrace it.

Rand Fishkin, founder of Moz stated that “the quantity of interactions on Twitter may now rival many businesses’ interactions through their customer service teams.”

Your brand will benefit from showing a human, contactable and approachable persona on social media. Consumers will possibly think they can get one over on you by posting about you in a negative light on social media, or calling you out online (being nasty), with or without your official Twitter handle.

If you’re monitoring these mentions whether positive or negative and you respond correctly, you show the public and that particular consumer you’re here to help, thus creating a better online reputation and increasing loyalty to your brand.

It’s also a good idea to combine your social media team with your customer service team, as this means customers who may be contacting you are getting a unified response. This also helps to avoid any inconsistencies in the help you are giving clients.

Your consumers may not be using the correct Twitter handles.

Just because Twitter isn’t showing you any notifications, that doesn’t mean people aren’t talking about you. Consumers may not use your official Twitter handle or might misspell it completely.

You can train Little Birdy to track any and all misspellings of your brand or keyword to help make sure you don’t miss any spelling deviations, nicknames or aliases. This allows you to deal with mentions on a greater scale.

Best of all, unlike other reputation management services, Little Birdy delivers unlimited mentions and will never cap the amount it returns to you for review.

Direct mentions starting with @ only make up a small part of all mentions across social media, so it pays to be searching for people talking about you, not just to you.

Little Birdy is the best way to monitor what’s being said about you and your brand online, giving users the tools they need to manage their reputation effectively.

Indexing thousands of mentions across social media platforms, blogs and search engines daily, Little Birdy is ‘Brand Tracking Made Easy’.

Try it today for 30 days completely free or call a reputation management expert on 0845 259 4195 for more information.


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