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We Won’t Cap Your Mentions, And We’ll Let You Know About Reinstated Links


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According to figures published by Google indexes over 2 billion web pages – with Little Birdy, you could effectively view every mention of your brand on every page.

Unlimited mentions means just that – unlimited.

Little Birdy will return every mention of your brand possible, never capping the amount of data it presents to you. Whereas other competitors may charge you to view more mentions, our social listening tool brings you the best in brand tracking capabilities by allowing you to view every and all mentions possible – at no extra cost.

By giving users a complete, not just a selective, overview of how they’re perceived online Little Birdy soars above the competition – scouring thousands upon thousands of web pages for mentions of your brand.

Including any links Google may have reinstated.

In the case of Google’s ‘Right to be Forgotten’ ruling, outdated and irrelevant links can be removed if they are damaging a person’s professional progress, but as reported by the BBC, Google is fighting back by reinstating some links.

Certain articles published by The Guardian regarding an investment banker were removed, and then subsequently reinstated.

This could be happening to you.

You may have had an article removed from Google’s search results that was damaging your reputation as part of our comprehensive reputation management service, but may be worried about Google reinstating the link.

Fear not. Little Birdy is here to help.

Regardless of whether Google reinstates your links, and as part of Little Birdy’s ‘Corporate’ and ‘Enterprise’ packages, you can also benefit from unlimited link clean ups.

As part of our service, Little Birdy will apply for removal of damaging links within Google on your behalf, and if that pesky link decides to pop up again, do the same. All you have to do is flag the unwanted URL to our team and we’ll take care of the rest.

Combine this service with the ability to allow users to find virtually every mention of their brand on the web – and you’ve got a winning reputation management combination.

Little Birdy gives you the tools you need to track what’s being said about your brand and respond accordingly. Indexing mentions from blogs, social media, review sites and many more pages, Little Birdy also organises mentions via sentiment analysis and can learn from ‘User Training’.

‘Brand Tracking Made Easy’ – Little Birdy gives you the tools you need to see what’s being said about your brand online.

For more information on Little Birdy and how it gives you unlimited mentions of your brand, call 0845 259 4195 or try it for 30 days completely free.

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